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Introduction to Automation:

  • What is automation testing
  • Why to go for automation testing
  • Advantages of Automation
  • When to go for Automation
  • Automation Tools in industry

Introduction to Selenium:

  • Selenium Overview
  • Features of Selenium tool
  • Comparison of Selenium with other tools in industry

Selenium Components & Brief Introduction to each component

  • Selenium IDE
  • Selenium RC
  • Selenium WebDriver
  • Selenium Grid

Eclipse IDE for Java & Selenium

  • How to download & install Java & Eclipse
  • How to Create new java project in Eclipse tool
  • How to create a new java class in project
  • Running java class
  • Viewing the results of java program

Introduction to Java programming:

    • Data Types in Java
    • Declaring Variables
    • Operators
    • Writing simple java program and running
    • Conditional Statements
o If condition
o If else condition
o If else if condition
    • Switch case statement
    • Loop Statements
o While loop
o Do while
o For loop
    • Functions / Methods
    • Examples for all the above topics
    • Array
o How to declare array
o How to store values in array
o Reading values in array
o Single dimension array
o Multi dimension array

Object Oriented Programming features

  • Class
  • How to create class
  • Object
  • How to create object for the class
  • How memory allocation happens for object
  • How to access methods using class
  • Constructors


    • Types of polymorphism
    • Compile time polymorphism
o Method Overloading
    • Run time polymorphism
o Method Overriding
o Using Super keyword


    • What is Inheritance
    • Advantages of Inheritance
    • How to reuse the fields and methods of super class
    • Overriding fields and methods of parent class
    • Types of Inheritance
o Single Inheritance
o Multilevel Inheritance
o Multiple Inheritance

Static Keyword:

  • Static Variable
  • Static Method
  • Static Block

Abstract class and Interfaces:

  • What is Abstract class
  • What is Abstract Method
  • What is Interface
  • Difference between class and interface
  • When to use Interfaces

Encapsulation and abstraction:

    • What is Encapsulation
    • What is hiding data and why to hide data
    • Using Access Modifiers
o Public
o Private,
o Protected
o Default


  • What is package
  • Advantages of packages
  • How to create a package
  • How to import package into a different class


  • Use of collections
  • Advantage of collection using ArrayList
  • How to add, remove, and insert values /elements into collections

Exception handling:

  • What are exceptions, errors
  • How to handle exceptions
  • Using try and catch blocks
  • Types of Exceptions
  • Using of throws
  • Throw
  • Throwable

Final Keyword:

  • Final Variable
  • Final Method
  • Final Class

Selenium Web Driver:

    • Introduction to WebDriver and futures
    • Configure Eclipse IDE with selenium
    • Identifying elements / objects in WebDriver using
o Id
o Name
o Link
o Xpath
o How to recognize duplicate elements
o How to recognize dynamically changing elements
    • Using Firefox Driver & Other Drivers
    • Working with Different Elements and programming
o Checkbox
o Radio Buttons
o Buttons
o Links
o Dropdown list
o Frames
o Working with Table Elements
o Reading data from Table
o Working with Mouse Actions
o Handing keyboard, mouse events
o Capturing screenshots

Synchronization in WebDriver

    • What is Synchronization
    • Different ways to implement Synchronization
o Implicit wait
o Explicit waits

Handling Alerts & Windows

  • How to handle multiple browsers
  • Handling alert windows
  • Handling windows alerts using Auto IT & Robot class

Configuring other Browsers:

  • IE browser
  • Chrome browser
  • Running scripts on different browsers

Data Driven Testing

  • What is Data Driven Testing
  • How to parameterize the data using Excel
  • Reading, writing data into Excel

TestNG Framework:

  • What is TestNG & Installation of TestNG in Eclipse
  • Understanding and Usage of TestNG Annotations
  • Parameterizing tests using DataProvider
  • TestNG Groups
  • How to skip a test case from execution
  • Running TestNG script
  • Usage of Assertions
  • Create TestNG.xml file and running tests from TestNG.xml file
  • TestNG Reports

Selenium Grid:

  • Introduction Gird
  • RemoteWebDriver
  • Congiguring hub
  • Configuring node
  • Running scripts on remote computer


  • Introduction to Maven
  • Advantages of Maven
  • Maven vs ANT
  • Installing Maven
  • Create Maven Project in Eclipse
  • Exploring POM.xml file
  • Building project using Maven
  • Integration of Testng.xml in Maven
  • Running Test Scripts using Maven


  • Introduction to Jenkins
  • Advantages of Jenkins
  • Setting up CICD(Continuous Integration & Continuous Deployment)
  • Scheduling jobs in Jenkins

Automation Frameworks:

  • What is Framework & Advantages of Framework
  • Data Driven Framework
  • Keyword Driven Framework
  • Page Object Model
  • Hybrid Framework
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