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Selenium Automation Testing: The Best Software Testing Tool

Selenium automation is the first name that comes to mind when someone talks about automation testing. It is preferred by ...
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Automated Testing V/S Manual Testing

Software testing is a very large area but to simplify it, it is categorized into two broad headings: -    Manual ...
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Software Development Life Cycle

Software Development Life Cycle Software Development Life Cycle explains about how software development starts and where it ends. Software Development ...
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Software Development Life Cycle Model

Software Development Life Cycle Models: We have so many models in Software Development Life Cycle but we will try to ...
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Selenium Automation Testing – Introduction : Chapter 1

Introduction to Selenium Automation Software Testing: Selenium is a tool which is used for functional automation testing.  It’s open source ...
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locators in selenium testing webdriver

Locators of Selenium

Locators of Selenium In the previous chapter we learned introduction of Selenium Testing. Before understanding locators lin Selenium let’s try ...
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Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

Introduction to Selenium WebDriver As discussed in Chapter 1 Selenium introduction , Selenium suite contains 4 components and out of ...
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Installation of Selenium WebDriver

Installation of Selenium WebDriver Below are the steps to follow for installation of Selenium WebDriver Before installation of Selenium WebDriver ...
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Installation of Java and Eclipse

Installation of Java and Eclipse Welcome to the 1st chapter of java, here you will mainly be learning the very ...
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