Selenium Automation Testing: Important Interview Question & Answers

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In this article, we have listed the most commonly asked Interview questions as well as their answers for Selenium Automation testing. We have also included the most searched topics in Selenium testing which includes Selenium IDE, Selenium RC, Selenium Grid and Selenium WebDriver interview questions. Just to inform our students…

Important Manual Testing Interview Questions and Answers

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We have collected some really important manual testing interview questions and answers for our students. These unlike other blogs are not just one liners but we have explained each and every asnwer for every question in brief so that our students get the best and are all prepared for their…

Java Chapter 2 – Common futures of programming language

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Let’s try to understand basics of any programing language before moving to Java: Below are the common / basic futures of any programming language: Data Types Variables Operators Conditional Statements Control Statements (loops) Arrays Function / Methods Data Types: Data types are used to allocate memory and specify what type…

Installation of Java: Chapter 1

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Welcome to the 1st chapter of java, here you will mainly be learning the very basics of how to install java. We will be holding your hand and taking you through a complete step by step guide with screenshots. This article is all you need to learn how to install…

Chapter 4: Installation of Selenium WebDriver

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So, in Chapter 3 we learnt about Introduction to Selenium WebDriver. Now in this chapter 4, it’s time to install WebDriver and other software’s which are needed to use WebDriver. Every automation tool requires some programming language to support automation. So Selenium supports multiple languages but here we are going…

Chapter 3: Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

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As discussed in in Chapter 1 Selenium introduction , Selenium suite contains 4 components and out of which core component is WebDriver. I am directly taking to WebDriver rather than talking about IDE and RC as these components are not used much(RC anyhow deprecated as discussed in chapter 1). So…

Understanding Locators – Selenium Testing : Chapter 2

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In the previous chapter we saw the introduction of Selenium Testing. In this chapter we will speak Before understanding locators let’s try to understand UI elements. Elements are nothing but fields / labels that are displayed on your application. Most of the application will have below common fields / labels:…

Selenium Automation Testing – Introduction : Chapter 1

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Introduction to Selenium Automation Software Testing: Selenium is a tool which is used for functional automation testing.  It’s open source tool and it can be used on free of cost. In order to use this tool just go to google and download for free of cost. This tool is mainly…

Software Development Life Cycle Model

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In previous chapter we learned about SDLC and their phases. Now let learn what are different models we have in SDLC. We have so many models in SDLC but we will try to concentrate on the most popular / widely used models in software industry: Waterfall Model V-Model Agile Keep…

Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC):

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Software Development Life Cycle explains about how software development starts and where it ends. SDLC has below 6 phases in it and let’s try to understand each and every phase of it in detail. Gathering business requirements: Here we try to understand business requirements from client before developing software product….