Selenium Automation Testing: The Best Software Testing Tool

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Selenium Automation Testing: The Best Software Testing Tool

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Selenium automation is the first name that comes to mind when someone talks about automation testing. It is preferred by developers all over the world for a reason. It is effective and the most used form of testing. In the technical world, Selenium has a very different role to play and its uses are many but the main question remains: Is selenium automation testing the best automation testing?

There is a reason as to why selenium automation testing is preferred over other modes of testing, but before we get into that, let’s first understand what exactly is selenium.

So, What Is Selenium Automation Testing?

Selenium is an automation testing tool that is used to carry out various tests on web-browsers. Jason Huggins was the first one who developed this testing method in 2001. He wanted to come out with a testing tool that would be much more effective and efficient than manual testing. His Java script program is what paved the way for selenium automation testing.

Selenium is often called selenium suite as it comprises of various tools namely:

–    Selenium Remote Control

–    Selenium Web Driver

–    Selenium Integrated Development Environment

–    Selenium Grid

Why Was The Selenium Web Driver Created?

The Selenium web driver was created as a replacement for the Selenium RC. It was created to make life easier so that pages could be identified much easily and through a simpler method.  Selenium web driver and Selenium RC were merged in the year 2008. This merger did wonders for the selenium automation testing method and the selenium community as a whole. The software started working in a better manner because of the speed of the web driver and the efficiency of RC.

Why Use Selenium?

The efficiency of selenium is what makes it extremely favorable for the consumers. However, we have listed down a list of reasons as to why selenium automation testing should be your go-to automation testing method.

  1. Availability

Since Huggins created a testing tool that was open source, there is no issue of any upfront costs. Selenium automation testing is convenient as it is publicly available and can be accessed easily by everyone without any hassle. The reason why selenium automation testing should be preferred is that it helps engineers in automating various functions. The tests can be generated very quickly and easily through selenium automation testing.

  1. Multiple Browsers

Selenium automation testing is effective because unlike other testing methods, it can be run on various browsers without any issue. The tool can be used on Windows and even on macOS. It can be used on whichever platform or browser you are working on, which makes it so much more convenient for everyone.

  1. Allows Re-Run

Scripts can easily be recorded under selenium automation testing. It can be saved and one can re-run them easily and whenever one wants. The test run mode helps in recording the scripts which can be saved and can be seen once again under this testing method.

  1. Integration

Selenium integrates very well with other tools. It functions well with other third-party software or with any other tools that may be required. It gives the developers and testers enough options concerning the testing. No restriction is placed on the choice of the tester as to which aspect he needs to choose. There is complete freedom to use multiple integrated tools for the benefit of testing. This is one of the important reasons why selenium automation testing is preferred.

  1. Easy Implementation

Selenium automation testing is extremely easy to use and understand. It is user-friendly and it helps in creating scripts with maximum ease and with very little effort and problem. Developers can sit back and analyze reports while and after the test.

In cases where implementation is taking time, the selenium community is available at all times to solve any problems. All queries and issues are handled with utmost efficiency by them. So there is no question of not understanding or being unable to use the selenium for your browser.

  1. Reusable

The best part about selenium automation testing is that it can be used over and over again and it can be tested on as many browsers as you like. The feature of re-usability is what makes it stand out. It can be used on operating systems by engineers and it can be integrated as well. However, the one thing that needs to be kept in mind is that it needs third-party frameworks to function.

  1. Minimum Hardware Usage

In selenium testing, there is no problem with excessive hardware usage. It requires minimum hardware as compared to any other testing method.

  1. Updates

Selenium automation testing should be preferred because selenium as a community does not like being old and outdated. They like updating their testing method time and again so that is is easier to use and is upgraded for the users.  These upgrades are the best for the users and are very easy to use. To upgrade, one does not need to go through much hassle, it is very simple to understand. The selenium community goes out of their way to make things easier for their users so that they can use this method.

  1. Flexible

Developers can minimize all complications and improve features as and when they like. Selenium testing is flexible as compared to all other tools. Test management is a very important determinant and selenium makes sure that it regroups and refactors well in cases of test management.

Selenium has been a market player for a very long time. It has added benefits and advantages than any other software testing tool. The reasons listed above make it clear that selenium automation testing should be the preferred use of testing on web-browser applications. It is simple to install and use, without any programming knowledge. Its extensions can be supported easily and its built-in tests helps the user to a great extent.

These factors make selenium automation testing the best and the most-trusted method of automation testing

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