Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

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Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

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Introduction to Selenium WebDriver

As discussed in Chapter 1 Selenium introduction , Selenium suite contains 4 components and out of which core component is WebDriver.

I am directly taking to WebDriver rather than talking about IDE and RC as these components are not used much(RC anyhow deprecated as discussed in chapter 1).

So all the drawbacks of RC are nothing but futures for WebDriver. Let’s look at WebDriver futures

  1. WebDriver is a key component and it is core of Selenium suite.
  2. It is more object oriented compared to RC
  3. It is faster as well as it is directly interacts with AUT (application under test) when compared to RC.
  4. It supports all most all the browsers and operating systems with latest versions as well

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  5. This component is keep getting enhancing by adding new futures.
  6. WebDriver supports below multiple languages
    • Java
    • C#
    • Ruby
    • Python
    • Pearl
    • PHP
  7. It also supports Android & IOS operating systems as well.

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